WooCommerce SEO Audit: know what to focus on

You have an established WooCommerce store and you sell consistently but you know you can get more sales – especially from Google. Besides your efforts, you don’t see enough traffic from Google – and you don’t know what to do next.

SEO can be confusing. There are lots of advice and some are contradictory or not applicable for you at all. You have installed Yoast SEO, made sure everything was green and put the keywords you wanted at the right place. But after an initial bump, the results were not satisfactory. On top of that, SEO is taking you a lot of time for few results.

What does Google want for your store?

Google needs to provide the most useful websites to its users if it wants to still be relevant. My goal is to increase the quality of your website dramatically.
And there is no secret or magic formula for this, a quality website:

  1. has interesting, relevant content
  2. is well structured (links and architecture)
  3. is well configured
  4. is fast
  5. has few low quality pages (one of the biggest problem for WordPress and WooCommerce sites)

You need to have a clear goal and roadmap to get the results you want. You cannot get to the first positions by accident.

Get a complete, actionable SEO report on your WooCommerce store

Give me a week and I will study your website deeply. I will find out what is wrong with your store in regards to SEO and tell you exactly what you need to do.
Here are the things that I will cover in my audit:

  1. How accessible is your website for visitors and for robots. Can it be seen? This is the base. If your website has technical problems you should change that and then build quality content on top of that.
  2. What keywords/keyphrases should you focus on. SEO is about bringing quality traffic from search engines. Knowing what keyphrases to focus on is one of the first step.
  3. How is your website globally optimized for SEO. Is there any blocking factors? Architecture to improve? Missing tags or improvements to do?
  4. Deeper analysis of 3 pages. I will analyze deeper three pages of your website: the homepage (the one usually getting the most traffic and getting the ranking for your most important keyword); one product page; and one category page (if applicable).

The sections all have detailed explanations on why I recommend something and how to implement them.

How can I help you with your WooCommerce website?

  1. You apply for an audit using the application form below.
  2. We decide on a meeting for a 30 min to 1 hour phone call; we go through your business, your goals, the history of the website. At the end of this step I will review everything and will be able to tell you if I am the right fit for your website.
  3. If we are a good match, you can order a complete audit of the website for €900
  4. One week (7 days) after the order you get a complete audit of your WooCommerce store. In this audit, I include all the steps to take to improve your rankings. The audit has a clear list of actions, you know what needs to be done, and what’s the most important improvements to do.
  5. Following this audit, we can either have one phone call to get through every bit of the report or discuss it over emails.
  6. You can now implement the audit and start to get better rankings.

If you are not happy with the audit, I will offer you a full refund.

Who am I?

My name is Hugo and I live in Rouen, France. I have been doing SEO for 5 years. I started as an intern for an e-commerce store and decided to focus on SEO after I saw the results it brought. I then worked in a digital agency, then in-house (using WooCommerce). On parallel, I always tried to deepen my understanding of SEO and development.
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